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Cayman Islands guide for Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac & Little Cayman.


Cayman CustomsCayman Customs
As a resident returning to the Cayman Islands each person is allowed to bring in CI$350 of new goods tax free. If the goods you are bringing in to the island amount to over this, a 20% fee is charged for the amount over CI$350.

Newcomers entering for employment or residency for a period of more than 12 months are able to bring in household effects duty free within a reasonable quantity. The household effects must have been in use by the owner for the last 6 months.

Import of vehicles will be charged a duty of between 27 Percent to 40 percent depending on the value of the vehicle.

Importing pets
Import Pets to CaymanIn order to bring a family pet or other animal into the Cayman Islands you will need to contact the Department of Agriculture on Tel: 345 945-2267 Fax: 345 949-4932 for import papers and requirements.

Importing fruits or plants
To bring in fruit or plants to the island you will be required to produce a permit from the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture and a phyto-sanitary certificate issued by the relevant government department in the country of origin. Application forms for import permits can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture. Tel: 345 945-2267 Fax: 345 947-1476 Address: Department of Agriculture, Plant Quarantine/Veterinary Service Units, P.O Box 459 George Town, Grand Cayman. Please note that if the permit and phyto-sanitary certificate are not produced the fruit or plants will be destroyed/confiscated.

US Customs
US CustomsAs a US citizen returning to the United States each person is allowed to take US$800 of goods duty-free. A 10% duty will be charged on any portion above the exemption. i.e. Goods worth US$900 will result in a duty of US$10 (10% of US$100). In order to comply for this the US Citizen must have been out of the United States for at least 2 days and has not had a previous allowance within the last 30 days. US citizens can also take in one carton of cigarettes duty-free and persons aged over 21 years can take back 2 litres of alcohol duty free. Any extra cartons of cigarettes are charged at 80 cents per carton and any extra alcohol is charged at 15% duty. Please note that turtle shells, steaks and shell jewelry cannot be taken back into the US.

UK Customs
UK CustomsAs a UK citizen retuning to the United Kingdom each person is allowed to take GBP 136.00 of goods duty-free. UK citizens over 17 years of age can also take in either 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 100 cigarillos or 250g of tobacco. UK citizens over 18 years of age can take in 2 litres of fortified, sparkling or table wine.






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